5 Capstone Project Ideas

Pimithida Idea

IDEA #1 3D Rhythm Based-Platformer:

 You have to move in a 3D environment in according to the Rhythm. Dodging objects, spikes, etc. In which the beat or rhythm will be indicators on when to move

IDEA #2 A Top Down Action

As you move you have a line that follows you, and whenever someone touches a line or stops moving e.g. hitting a wall, they explode

IDEA #3 A Puzzle Game

You have to go through several layers, trying to get out of a box, progressively getting more difficult, each randomly created

IDEA #4 Timed Event Sequence

You have to press the right keys in certain amount of time, very short time

IDEA #5 16-bit Simplistic FPS

Random weapons are given every respawn


You catch various objects that are thrown to you dropping them into their designated areas. The graphics will be in various parts of the world during the 1940’s

IDEA #7 Platformers

You have to make various noise levels (mic required) in order to move over the obstacles in front of you.

IDEA #8 A Survival Horror, set in the Modern Era

A first person sound, survival permadeath that heavily relies on sound indicators that you have to move through a giant house.


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